3 Steps Used By A Child Support Attorney In Oak Park To Calculate An Award

In Illinois, child custody and support is determined during a separate hearing if a divorce trial was required. Within these cases, the judge makes a decision based on the most appropriate setting for the child. If you are required to attend a formal hearing or wish to make a modification or change, you should hire a Child Support Attorney in Oak Park today.

Calculating Child Support in Illinois

Step 1: Calculating the Non-custodial Parent’s Income

Gather pay stubs from the non-custodial parent’s employer to determine the value of their net income for each month. If there are additional sources of income, you should take steps to acquire an income statement from these sources. In some cases, it is necessary to perform discovery to determine whether the non-custodial parent has made an attempt to hide resources. If you need discovery, you should contact a Child Support Attorney in Oak Park to file a motion.

Step 2: Identify the Percentage that Applies

Identify the number of minor children for which the non-custodial parent will provide support. The guidelines for child support requires 20 percent for one child, 28 percent for two children, and 32 percent for three children. If the six or more children receiving support, the non-custodial parent is required to pay no less than fifty percent of their net income in child support payments. Your Child Support Attorney in Oak Park will provide you with further details about these percentages.

Step 3: Identify the Financial Needs of the Child

Identify all financial requirements associated with the child. For instance, if the child attends private school, the parents are required to split the tuition fees. The financial resources of the custodial parents are identified. After this figure is determined, you should determine the value of support needed to provide the same lifestyle for the children obtainable prior to the divorce. College tuition is also calculated into these needs.

In Illinois child support cases, it is necessary to arrive at a value that will not require the children to go without anything. The support is awarded to provide financial assistance for the custodial parent by requiring the non-custodial parent to fulfill their obligations to the child. At any time a change is needed, you should hire Child Support Attorney in Oak Park to file a petition in court.


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