Selecting a Divorce Attorney in Honolulu

Getting divorced is never a pleasant experience, but choosing the right lawyer can help make the whole process less stressful. Selecting a good divorce attorney in Honolulu will take a little legwork, but the results will be worth it.

Start With Recommendations

Ask around for recommendations for lawyers that specialize in family law. Friends and family members may be able to help, but a trusted lawyer, even one that has a different specialty, may be the best source for recommendations, as lawyers tend to know a lot about the reputations of other lawyers. You can also look for family law lawyers that are conveniently located or contact Greg Ryan & Associates.

Credential Considerations

A lawyer that has a family law certification will most likely be more experienced in divorce and family law cases than one without these credentials, but may also charge more for their services. The American Bar Association also has a family law section, which can be a good resource for finding a divorce attorney in Honolulu that’s more involved with family law even if they aren’t certified in that specialty.

Interviewing Potential Candidates

Before making a decision, it’s important to interview a few potential candidates. You’ll want a lawyer you feel comfortable with, as you’ll be telling this person all about your life, and this is hard if you’re not comfortable with the person. Check to see if the lawyer has experience with cases similar to yours, which is especially important if there are special considerations that need to be addressed. Bring information to the interview so the lawyer can get an idea of what’s involved in the case, including financial information and any questions you’d like to ask the lawyer. These should include information about fees, potential results, how to reach the lawyer, the lawyer’s availability and what the lawyer thinks might be a possible outcome of the case in terms of property division and support.

Custody Considerations

If children are involved, choose a lawyer that will put the children first and point out to you if the demands you’re making for child support or visitation are unreasonable or vindictive.

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