Brain Injury Lawyers in Middletown OH Help When Personality Changes and Memory Loss Are Permanent

Most people who suffer a traumatic brain injury recover fully and never experience problems related to this injury after they heal. Others experience troubling developments like memory loss, a chronic inability to concentrate, or personality changes. Brain Injury Lawyers in Middletown OH are available for free consultations when an injured person or the family members are trying to cope with these situations.

The Worst Effects

Memory loss and personality changes can have the worst effects on close relationships and on the person’s ability to return to work. The individual and the family may justifiably feel that they deserve additional financial compensation besides replacement of lost wages and payment for medical expenses. They realize they have lost something they may never regain. Brain Injury Lawyers in Middletown OH determine an amount that would address both economic and noneconomic damages and present that figure to the insurance company.

Personality Changes

Depending on which part of the brain was harmed, the person can develop aggressive behavior, bouts of anger and frequent episodes of agitation. Someone who previously was peaceful and easygoing now may get mad and break things, yell at family members and become verbally abusive.

Some individuals who suffered a traumatic brain injury lose their ability to control their impulses to a certain extent. They may eat until they get sick, for example. They may become promiscuous or start gambling compulsively.

Short-Term Memory Loss

Ongoing short-term memory loss can make a relationship difficult, as communication breaks down. The person who suffered the brain injury may have an angry outburst directed at his or her spouse, then not remember it an hour later. There is no way for the couple to effectively discuss what happened when one person has no memory of the episode.

Staying Together

Research results are conflicting about divorce rates among couples affected by traumatic brain injury. Those who want to stay together benefit from having additional compensation so they can participate in marital counseling, and ongoing psychological or psychiatric treatment to benefit the injured person. A firm such as Thorson Switala Mondock Snead can help. Learn more about our attorneys at the website.

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