How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Lancaster County That Defendants Can Trust

In Pennsylvania, a DUI–more commonly known as ‘drunk driving’–is considered a fairly serious offense. Especially if the driver was under the legal drinking age of 21 when pulled over. When someone has been accused of driving under the influence, the first thing they should do is contact a DUI lawyer in Lancaster County whom others have been able to count on in the past. Finding the right lawyer means doing a little bit of research, but the best time to get started is as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Look for the following qualities when choosing who to trust with the case.

Has Relevant Experience

First consider experience. It’s important to have a lawyer who practices within that field. If a lawyer has never successfully defended a client against DUI charges hiring their services is probably not the best choice. Everyone starts somewhere, but for clients it’s best to find a lawyer with plenty of experience and a proven track-record of success.

Offers Honest and Straightforward Advice

It’s also important to have a lawyer who will offer straightforward advice. They should, of course, have the client’s best interests in mind. That doesn’t mean that the client should be given false hope if it seems that a conviction is inevitable. Rather, it means that all options should be discussed, including taking a plea deal if it legitimately seems to be the best option on the table. It can be hard for defendants accused of any crime to objectively look at the facts of their own cases and determine whether or not they are in a good position to go to trial. That’s why hiring a DUI lawyer in Lancaster County to whom courtrooms and procedures are familiar is so important. It will allow the client to receive the best-informed and most objective legal advice.

Gives Clients the Respect They Deserve

As a defendant it’s important to be confident in a defense lawyer’s abilities, but also to feel comfortable speaking openly. The legal professionals at the law offices of Melissa R. Montgomery encourage open dialog through respect and compassion, always striving to understand the client’s perspective.

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