Common Questions About Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA

Most people who are arrested are given a bond amount. They can pay this amount in full to be released from jail until their hearings. However, bail can be as little as a few hundred dollars and as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the reason the person was arrested. If the person cannot afford the bail on their own, they can have a friend or family member arrange a bail bond on their behalf.

How Much Needs to Be Paid for a Bail Bond?

Typically, the person obtaining the bond will need to pay 10% of the bail amount. It can be a little bit higher for federal bonds. If the person cannot afford the 10%, they can give the bondsman collateral instead, but the collateral will need to be worth more than the bail amount.

What Happens if They Follow All Terms?

Terms of the bond may include attending every hearing and avoiding any criminal activity. If the person fulfills all of these conditions, the person who obtained the bail using collateral can get their collateral back and pay a service fee for the bond. If they paid 10% instead of using collateral, they do not receive money back but they do not owe anything further.

What Happens if They Don’t Follow All Terms?

If the person doesn’t follow all of the terms, their bond may be revoked. They will have a warrant for their arrest and the person who obtained the bond will either need to pay the full bail amount to the bondsman or forfeit their collateral. The person will likely not be able to be bonded out of jail again and will remain in jail until their hearings or sentences are completed.

These are just a few of the most common questions asked about Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA. If you’re in need of a bond or you’d like to help a friend or family member, you can learn more about Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA by contacting Free At Last Bail Bonds. They’ll answer any questions you may have and walk you through the entire process, so you understand what you agree to and how the process works.

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