Experienced Social Security Attorneys in Oklahoma City, OK

Social security disability benefits are not easy to get approved. It can be difficult to navigate the system, fill out the paperwork correctly, and have enough supporting documentation. Even if the application is completed correctly, and there is proper medical documentation to support a benefit request, denial is high. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the denial rate at the application stage in 2015 was 67%, at the reconsideration stage it was 88%, and at the hearing stage was 37%. There are many reasons for denial of benefits, but the most common are incorrect filing of application, insufficient medical evidence of a disability, and impairment not severe enough to prohibit people from working.

Experienced Social Security attorneys in Oklahoma City, OK can help people get approved for the benefits they need and deserve. Disability is a benefit that is funded through payroll taxes, and the amount of benefits depends on how much individuals have paid into the system, and when they last worked. It is an earned benefit, rather than an entitlement program, so people who qualify should be approved. A medical condition, or an injury, that leaves people unable to work results in stress, pain and suffering, and major live changes. Denial of benefits adds financial hardship to the situation.

There are many firms that accept disability denial cases as part of their areas of practice. One firm accepts only disability cases, and has done so for twenty-five years. People receive focused and personal attention from local attorneys who handle only disability cases. Most firms will not accept cases until people have been denied at least once. Getting help from the very beginning of the process, even before an application is filed, can improve the chances of approval. If the application is denied, people have only sixty days to appeal, so having legal representation early can make a big difference.

Social Security attorneys in Oklahoma City, OK will provide a free consultation and help people apply for disability benefits. Fees are only collected if benefits are approved, so people do not have to have money upfront to get proper representation. People who need help with disability claims can go to Sslcnow.com for a free book on benefits, and to set up an initial consultation.

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