Five Things Defendants Should Reveal to Criminal Lawyers in Geneva, IL

When someone is charged with a crime, their first thought is typically hiring a lawyer to help them defend themselves. Without legal guidance, a defendant can end up making poor decisions they later regret. When individuals hire the Criminal Lawyers in Geneva IL, they need to plan on sharing important information the lawyer will be able to use in the defense of their client.

What Does the Criminal Lawyer Need to Know?

It is important defendants are forthright in providing information to their lawyer. Giving erroneous information will only harm the lawyer’s ability to properly draw up a defense to the charges. It is important a person realizes anything they tell their lawyer is kept confidential so the defendant should feel comfortable sharing all types of information with the Criminal Lawyers in Geneva IL. The following are the most important things a person should tell their lawyer.

* A lawyer needs to know if there were any witnesses to the crime. If a defendant knows an eyewitness can place them at the scene, their lawyer needs to be aware of this before the prosecution brings this information to light.

* The lawyer needs to know what their client told the police during the arrest and questioning. Ideally, a defendant should not talk with the police without having a lawyer present. Anything that was told to the police needs to be told to the lawyer.

* The lawyer needs to know the client’s criminal history in detail, including every arrest, no matter how minor. Previous convictions can have a big impact on new charges, so it is imperative these are shared with the lawyer.

* If the client has any type of history with the victim of the crime, it is imperative the defendant shares this with their lawyer. The more the lawyer knows, the better equipped they will be to help their client.

* The defendant also needs to inform their lawyer if any evidence exists that could be found. This is crucial because the lawyer needs to know about it before the prosecution does.

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