Getting Some Legal Understanding About Landlord & Tenants Rights in Chicago, Illinois

People have been renting and leasing homes, condos, apartments and mobile homes from landlords for hundreds of years, yet still issues in communication between the two of them keep happening. In most cases, it is a discrepancy between what the landlord and what the tenant understand to be right. This is where hiring an attorney who understands landlord tenants rights in Chicago, Illinois will help. These are some of the things that need to be understood by both landlords and tenants.

The Rights of the Landlords

It is only natural to understand that the landlord is the owner or representative of the owner of the property that is being rented out or leased. Therefore, whatever they determine in the contract is what they want, and the tenant can either choose to accept or decline. They have rights to enter the property, such as to do repairs as necessary or for inspection. They have the right to demand what they want as a security deposit and monthly rent, within legal limits.

The Rights of the Tenants

Although it is true that a tenant is merely renting or leasing the place, there are lots of rights they have as the one living in the place. The landlord may have a right to come in and inspect or make repairs, but it has to be done with respect to the tenant and the property, and within reasonable notice. The tenant also has the right to be notified with enough time in advance if the rent or lease is going to increase. There are lots of misunderstandings that can occur, but hiring an attorney can make things easier.

Getting a Law Firm in Chicago

Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells are attorneys who provide landlord and tenant resolutions in the Chicago, Illinois area. In addition, they also help clients with other real estate issues and probate law. Any landlords or tenants looking for a law firm to help them understand their landlord tenants rights in Chicago, Illinois, can visit these attorneys’ website at

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