Hire Drug Possession Attorneys, Regardless of the Severity of the Charges

If a person is facing drug possession charges, they may wonder whether they need a defense attorney. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” While possession of illicit drugs may be classed as a misdemeanor, it can sometimes result in a felony charge that comes with high fines and a long jail sentence. The easiest way to avoid conviction is to hire one of the area’s Drug Possession Attorneys. Defendants should consider the following factors when deciding whether to hire a lawyer.

How Drugs are Classed

In most areas, illicit drugs are classed according to a schedule, and a drug’s rating depends on its medical use as opposed to its potential for abuse and addiction. Most states follow the Federal schedule, which has five groups. While some drugs have a high potential for abuse and no medical usefulness, others fall somewhere in between. Where a drug falls on the state’s schedule should tell the defendant whether they need a lawyer.

A Number Of Drugs Possessed

Typically, a person carrying a lot of drugs is more likely to face felony charges. In some cases, though, the amount doesn’t have to be high; some states consider all possession charges as felonies. If a person possesses enough of a substance to bring felony charges, they may receive thousands in fines and years in prison. Consulting Drug Possession Attorneys can reduce a person’s chances of conviction.

Aggravating Circumstances

Finally, other factors guarantee a speedy conviction if a person doesn’t hire a lawyer. For example, a repeat offender caught near a school with drugs may receive a stiffer sentence. The same may apply if a person is caught near a drug treatment center with illicit drugs in his or her possession.

A Lawyer Can Help a Client Understand Their Case

The laws around drug possession are complex, and they’re made more complicated when judges use courtroom terminology. A drug defense lawyer from a local firm can explain the charges as well as what’s at stake for the defendant. It is important for clients to gain an understanding of the consequences they face so they can learn how to protect their rights as a case progresses.

At Addairthurston.com, the team always recommends hiring a lawyer when facing drug charges. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony charge, a criminal lawyer can provide valuable counsel and legal advice.

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