How To Find The Right Attorney In Junction City, KS To Help Resolve Your Legal Problem

Most people don’t spend much time worrying about legal matters. There are, of course, those who have a lawyer at their beck and call, but most people don’t. When it’s time to find a good lawyer, it means that something important has happened and expert help is needed. There’s one attorney for every 200 people in the United States, but it’s not always easy to know how to find the right one.


Word of mouth referrals from friends or relatives are a good place to start. Just keep in mind that a great real estate attorney wouldn’t be the best choice to untangle a complicated criminal problem or handle a DUI or divorce. The bar association, other lawyers and online directories can help narrow down the search to lawyers who regularly handle cases in the legal area of interest.

Make Lists

Put together a preliminary list of the top three to five attorneys. Schedule an appointment. Many lawyers offer a free consultation to meet and review the case. Then put down in writing what result you hope to achieve at the conclusion of the case. That may or may not be legally achievable, but should be discussed with your Attorney Junction City KS.

Some other questions that should be asked include:

1. Does the Attorney Junction City KS have considerable successful experience in cases like yours?

2. Does much of his/her practice consist of the legal area of interest?

3. How are the fees structured? Will there be a monthly bill? What will the estimated total charge be for your case? Don’t let the fee be the deciding factor; the most experienced Attorney Junction City KS may not be the least expensive.

4. In accident cases, the attorney is normally only paid when there is a successful settlement; the attorney receives a percentage. If there is no settlement, there is no charge for attorney’s fee. However, there may be charges for some expenses, such as copying or postage. Clarify possible charges in advance.

5. Who will be the point of contact? Does the attorney object to phone calls for updates? The most frequent complaint people have about their attorneys is not enough contact as the case progresses.

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