Hurt in a Collision? Hire an Insurance Claim Attorney in Gig Harbor to Get a Fair Settlement

When a person is severely injured in an accident, their world can be changed forever. A driver disciplining her child in the back seat is a distracted driver. If she collides with another car during this time, then she is considered negligent. It doesn’t matter whether she intended to cause an accident. That means that she is liable to pay the medical bills for anyone injured in the accident. She is also liable for lost wages and pain and suffering. The negligent driver’s insurance company usually pays the damages. The injured person should hire an Insurance Claim Attorney in Gig Harbor to help them.

The claim process is often contentious and complicated. Insurance companies do everything possible to reject the claim or keep it as low as possible. They may visit the person in the hospital and offer them a settlement. The sum of money might seem huge to someone to is not working and facing medical bills. It is probably a fraction of what they are entitled to. As part of the settlement, the injured person will have to sign an agreement to never ask for more money. An Insurance Claim Attorney in Gig Harbor will advise him that most people who are injured under similar circumstances receive much larger settlements. Once the injured person has hired an attorney, the insurance company must communicate through the attorney.

This allows the injured person to focus on their physical recovery, while the attorney prepares the insurance claim. He will document the injury and the costs associated with it and show that the injury was caused by the accident. If the injured person will never be able to work again, then the insurance company will have to payout enough money to compensate him for a lifetime of lost wages. The insurance company will estimate this amount as low as they can. The insurance claim lawyer will bring in actuarial experts to refute this.

Injured people don’t have to worry about the cost of this work. Check Out and learn how lawyers take these cases on a contingency basis. They are only paid a percentage of the settlement, they win for their client.

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