The Link Between Cancer And Railroad Work

It has long been known that those who work on the railroad are exposed too much higher concentrations of dangerous chemicals, including benzene. Although benzene was banned 20 years ago, it only addressed consumer products; it is still a factor in the railroad industry as it is a byproduct of burning diesel fuel.

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) is responsible for determining which substances are carcinogenic; this agency has determined that benzene falls into this category. Exposure to benzene is linked to numerous forms of cancer including kidney. If you work in and around any industry where there is a high concentration of diesel fumes and you are a kidney cancer sufferer you should contact a kidney cancer lawyer.

What is diesel exhaust?

Diesel is a fuel, it is derived from crude oil; it is used in large engines, the type found in long haul trucks, construction equipment, ships and of course, locomotives. When burned in a combustion chamber the result is exhaust, the exhaust is gases and particulates (soot.)

   * The gas contains carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur, nitric acid and various hydrocarbons.
   * The soot contains carbon, traces of metal and organic material

Diesel exhaust has been linked to cancer as well as lung and heart disease.

Unsafe working environment:

It is the responsibility of all employers to provide employees with a safe working environment. If an employee of a railroad is exposed to toxic materials in the course of his or her employment they can claim against their employer under FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act.) With the assistance of a seasoned kidney cancer lawyer, affected individuals can sue, seeking monetary compensation.

Diesel fumes and exhaust are a virtual cocktail of hazardous chemicals, many of which are proven to cause cancer.

All forms of cancer can be devastating, some more than others. Studies have shown a direct link between kidney cancer and the railroad industry. If you have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease you are invited to contact Diesel Injury Law.

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