The Importance of Retaining an International Adoption Attorney

Foreign adoptions tend to be long and complex. Once prospective adoptive parents fill out the necessary paperwork stating they wish to adopt, the process is out of their hands. Numerous things may crop up that delay or stop this process completely. There may be concerns about cultural differences, the government of the country in which the child is to be adopted can be unstable, or many people in the country may be opposed to adoptions where the child will be moved to a new country. When a prospective parent chooses this option, he or she needs an International Adoption Attorney to help navigate the process.

Where international adoptions differ from those taking place in the United States is all laws of the child’s country of birth must be followed. United States authorities have little say in these matters, and a child may be promised to a family, yet never arrive as something goes wrong. The child doesn’t actually become a member of the adoptive family until the entire process has been finalized and a decree issued. The United States is only responsible for granting the child a visa, nothing else.

In addition, procedures in foreign countries are different. For example, many prospective parents are surprised to learn they may be expected to pay certain fees when adopting a child from another country. For example, some orphanages expect a donation when a child is adopted through them, and others require a humanitarian aid donation. Parents may be asked to provide individuals within the country of birth with gifts also. A lawyer helps parents address these situations legally, and this is only one of many ways he or she can be of help.

James E. Hitchcock, an International Adoption Attorney, works with parents wishing to adopt a child from a foreign country. Bringing a child into the home requires every step of the process be completed accurately to ensure this placement isn’t jeopardized in the future. For this reason, every parent needs legal guidance at each stage of the process, and Mr. Hitchcock works to ensure the adoption is legal in every way and that it is as simple and enjoyable as it can be. Parents who use his service find they are glad they did when they hold their new child in their arms. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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