Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney in Kendallville, Indiana, for the Right Defense if Accused of a Crime

Being accused of a criminal act can be a scary experience. It can also alter daily life in many ways. This type of accusation can affect family life, a current job or opportunity, and how friends and neighbors think of the accused person. Even though someone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, many people have difficulty with this idea. However, the judge and jury cannot. Having a criminal defense attorney in Kendallville, Indiana, for representation can make the difference between being convicted or acquitted.

Anyone accused of a criminal act has the Constitution on his or her side. The accused deserves appropriate representation by professional lawyers, such as Grimm & Grimm, as well as a trial of peers to listen to the evidence before weighing in on whether the accused is guilty. Also, the burden of proof of guilt rides on the shoulders of the prosecution. Those are some pretty good rights for anyone accused of a crime.

Proper representation will utilize those rights as well as the evidence mounting against the accused to form a solid case in which to build doubt in the courtroom as to whether or not the accused committed the crime. A criminal defense attorney in Kendallville, Indiana, will examine every angle of the case, such as looking for an alibi. An alibi shows that the accused could not have committed the crime because he or she was not there. If there is no doubt that the accused did commit the crime, then a good defense attorney will use another angle, such as why it happened, and that the accused cannot be held accountable for what happened. An example of this type of defense may rely on an act of self-defense by the accused. The prosecution still has to prove the crime was committed with malice, which can be tricky.

If you are arrested and allowed to make that first phone call, be sure to call your defense attorney. The sooner your case can be constructed from the evidence against you, the sooner an offer of bail will be made and you can possibly be released from jail. Visit this website to find out more about the different types of criminal cases and the expectations of services you can receive at Grimm & Grimm law offices. Every case is unique. Each client is treated like family and kept up to date throughout every step of the case.

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