If a Person Is Guilty, Can Drug Crime Lawyers in Mankato, MN Really Help?

A person who is caught with drugs in their possession might feel as if there’s nothing that can be done. After all, they were caught with the drugs and arrested on the spot so there’s plenty of evidence against them. The truth is, there may be a lot one of the drug crime lawyers in Mankato, MN can do to help them. They still have the right to a fair trial and there may be defenses that can be used by the lawyer despite the evidence.

The criminal laws state that a person is innocent until proven guilty and that it needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This gives the drug crime lawyers in Mankato, MN the chance to show there is a reasonable doubt that the person is guilty. This doesn’t mean they need to prove the person didn’t have drugs on them, they just have to make it seem likely that the person is innocent. This can come into play in cases where drugs are found in a person’s vehicle and the driver was arrested because it was his car. He might not have actually known the drugs were in the vehicle at the time.

If the drugs were actually found in a person’s possession, perhaps in their pocket, or because they were using them at the time, there may not be much a lawyer can do to prove there is a reasonable doubt the person is guilty. They’ll typically try a different type of defense by trying to show the search or arrest was illegal. If the officer did not have a reasonable suspicion the person had drugs and did not have a lawful reason to search them, the lawyer might be able to have the evidence suppressed. Without any evidence, there likely won’t be enough to convict the person of a crime.

Even when it seems like there is nothing a person can do to avoid a conviction, there are still things a lawyer can try. They’ll look at every detail of the case to determine how they can help their client and which types of defenses might work better. For more information on defending drug crimes, visit Blatzlawminnesota.com today.

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