What to Know About a Consultation with a Criminal Attorney in Tyler, TX

Someone who is arrested for the first time might be nervous about speaking to a criminal attorney in Tyler, TX about what happened and what could happen to them. Though defendants know it’s important to get help, they might be worried about what the attorney will say or how much they can help. There are a few things to consider when preparing for a consultation.

Honesty Is Essential

The attorney needs the complete story to defend their client properly. Lying to the attorney could lead to surprises later that could jeopardize the entire case and lead to a conviction with the maximum penalties. When the person speaks with their attorney, they’ll want to remember to be completely honest. The attorney-client privilege will mean they can speak with their attorney freely.

Answer Questions Fully

After the attorney has reviewed the basics of the case, they’ll have a lot of questions. This helps them get a better idea of exactly what happened and what can be done to help the client. The arrested person will want to make sure they answer any questions fully so they do not miss something that could be beneficial for the lawyer to know. Short answers could mean the attorney doesn’t get all of the information needed to handle the case properly.

Listen to the Attorney

One thing most people forget is to listen to the attorney. The legal experts have experience with the local legal system and have experience handling similar cases. They know what the likely outcome is as well as which defenses might or might not work. While an arrested person can certainly suggest handling the case one way, the attorney has the experience to know what might happen and may advise against that. Listening to the attorney gives clients the chance to understand what might happen depending on the choices they make.

If you’ve been arrested, hiring a criminal attorney in Tyler, TX gives you the chance of minimizing the impact this might have on your life. Once you’re ready to speak with an attorney, visit the website for the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. to find an attorney and set up a consultation. They’ll work hard to help you have a better outcome for your case. Like us on Facebook.

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